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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Irish free energy scheme

What a lot of interest there is about -

So they seem to have put their money where their mouth is, in a big way. Also, they spent 2 years ‘ testing the hell out of the thing’, and as they are competent engineers and mention a full thermodynamic analysis etc., one presumes they covered aspects such as run down of magnet strength. They say that after this careful testing they took their test rig to universities and though most refused to have anything to do with it, some tested and found it OK. Why would they lie about that if they were putting their money on the line? So it sounds better and better the more I hear. I can’t wait for the Jury to cry out ‘douze points’.

On the theory that they will sucker in investors while the jury is deliberating: McCarthy said that precisely to scotch that idea they are refusing all commercialisation until the jury pronounces.

As to the form of the energy gain – it seems it is purely mechanical – which is why they will need some means to convert to electricity.

Look around their web site and you see in the News section that they have been working with DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology ) in awarding students prizes. They are actually based on the tech centre in Dublin’s fashionable docklands (houses going for millions Euros there now). As a former Dublin resident I know DIT as an old 3rd level institute. It used to be Bolton Street tech. college (& maybe others who joined them). So the firm is legit and not just an Australian call-box or MS logo hoax. There seems to be more meat on this than on the standard claims to extract energy from the vacuum. For this is the claim here – free doesn’t mean ex-nihilo, but from an unknown source. I liked the idea that it might be harnessing fluxes in the vacuum like a windmill harness air fluxes.:

On the idea that the way to do things is to get peer reviewed papers published in respectable scientific journal: McCarthy made it plain that there are 2 or 3 paths to follow – the first is that of peer review, which is a slow and painful process over 20 years or so – look at e.g. Blacklight power and hydrinos – they are now getting peer reviewed physics, chemistry and engineering papers published and attracting comments from scientists that are being publicised. But that has taken about 10 years (or more – mills started almost 20 years ago) and there is still lack of agreement on the meaning of their results.

Next path is make a heater or a car powered on the process – this again is a long affair, and you first need the patents! That takes ages, and then to actually get a commercially viable product takes years – again taking Blacklight as an example, they have been promising a heater for 5 years or so and it seems no nearer completion. Maybe their plasma cells are hard to control. But so will the magnetic motors of Steorn: these are all complex systems. As McCarthy said on the interview – they know in principle what is the optimum configuration to get power out: the only problem is in getting the alignment accurate enough etc. Remember these are still lab bench versions – the first crude prototypes. Later, when finely machined, they would presumably be deterministically reproducible.

So the way Steorn is going may be the fastest after all – get verification by jury of cynical experts: this in a sense is a turbo peer review. Well, wait and see – he asks us not to believe him at this point – so until the jury comes out, the jury is out!

One other thing – at least Steorn don’t wheel out a weird and controversial physical theory, as Blacklight did. The latter only succeeded in getting people’s backs up and delivering ammunition to their critics. If they had just kept their iconoclastic theory to themselves and allowed the experiments to speak for themselves, then they would be a lot further than they are now.

God be with the days of steam! It was all so simple then. The great thing about it was billowing clouds of the stuff were a great indicator that energy was in use. Steorn have actually shown their setup working to the Guardian reporter who visited their site. But all there was to see were displays saying that more energy was coming out than going in. In a complex magneto-mechanical setup you may need to slap on measurement devices to show what’s going on. That’s why they say they need experts to give it a clean bill of health. But apparently you’re fine poo-poo-ing it now, as Steorn wants people only to believe it if or when the cynical jurors have given it the thumbs up.

Check out he Steorn song at -

great song - captures the spirit of the age. Every heroic campaign needs its ballads and this could be the first in a titanic struggle against big power cartels, prejudice or whatever. Assuming this is the right stuff, that is. And Sean & co. give ever more the impression of believing what they are doing is real. So either they are deluded, heroes, or part of some colossal stunt or joke. The latter possibilities seem less and less likely, so roll on ye troubadours!


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