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Friday, December 01, 2006

Skateboards and soul

Well, James Morris answered - looks like a delay, but at least he's reporting on it:

Well Hugh, not as well as I hoped, I am still compiling orders and am looking towards the first of the year now. I have had problems with the re-design and and reproduction of that prototype and the availability of the engineers and their cnc machine. I have made some changes in the magnet housings and which includes nylon impact bushings. Thanks for your interest. Sincerely James (Maddogg) Morris

On another tack, only the presence of something meaningful like a death amplifies awareness of another level of being. Or another take: the |spirit> part od the body-spirt wave-function only collapses a la Copenhagen when a 'meaningful' measurement is made, as it resides partly at least in the space of meaning. Heim actually associated some of his extra dimensions with meaning and order and he even wrote a complex philosophical extension of his work called 'immortal in the 6th dimension'. I've yet to wade through that, but it looks interesting, with some diagrams of ascending layers of complexity from quark to psyche or pneuma (soul). That intuitively makes sense and is like the old Indian idea of layers of reality leading up to 'Brahma nature' or whatever. But I see as well the point about one component (the physical) stopping - can that happen and the other part continue? It could be the case - a bit like someone taking a sledgehammer to a broadcasting station but the Tv signal keeps moving out to the stars long after the transmitter was destroyed. Again a bit woffly, but there are reasons to suspect something of that sort, since every culture had similar traditions of another world. Heim also thought that normal consciousness extended into the 5th & 6th dimensions, which is in line with some other philosophers' analysis of 'phenomenal' or subjective consciousness as being like a virtual reality in an internal space. Thus it could be that the hidden dimensions of soul/psyche/pneuma are closely related to if not identical to the mysterious subjective consciousness that baffles materialistic philosophers. Note how the latter always try to explain away the internal TV screen as an illusion but always tie themselves in knots, since if it is an illusion, who is it for? That argument always leads back to an internal experiencer or "homunculus" - the little man or woman in the mind looking at the internal TV screen and other sensory inputs. But this idea of a homunculus is just that of soul. So in a way that |spirit> component might be so obvious that we need lateral thinking to step back and see it as a separate nature. Philosophers speak of a "category error" in comparing like with unlike as in comparing subjective consciousness and its material correlates. Indeed, the fear of the homunculus amongst die-hard materialists or behaviorists like Daniel Dennett has been rightly termed "Homuphobia" and leads to the most absurd self contradictions. So granted that there is that |spirit> component, it could be that he interaction with the physical gives this phenomenon of mind or subjective consciousness controlling the physical body. But it might have several modes - the normal one or mind-body control and then another 'detached mode' where it soars independent of body. This would gel with the out-of-body experiences of people who seem to report correctly on distant activity (e.g. Seth I mentioned recently) or Near Death Experiences (NDEs) where again sometimes extra-sensory info appears to be accessed.


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