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Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 MW test of Rossi's E-cat apparently successful

1-MW system sold to customer

"On October 28, 2011, Andrea Rossi demonstrated his 1 megawatt E-Cat system to his first customer, who had engineers/scientists on hand to test/validate its performance. Due to a glitch, it provided 470 kW of continuous power for 5.5 hours during the self-sustained mode.

Here I am with Andrea Ross after the test of the 1 MW E-Cat plant in the background."

Well, I'm glad about this. Seems he may indeed have sold it to the customer on the strength of the demo. A rival to Steorn it may be, but the more varieties of free energy the better. One in the teeth to the polluters and those with polluted minds who have been commenting here and elsewhere with their moronic insults.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, from 2 rows of sometimes 52, other times 354 and end times 107 eCAT units, only one row was started.
There was 2 reasons: you know FIAT cars? Fall Ist Alle Teilige. These Italian design are very splendid and nice as Italian light cruiser around WWII, however they leaked and go under after one hit of 152mm shell.
These eCATs leaked and after starting 150 units folks was so much groggy, they was not capable starting another 171 remaining units.

These are real reasons for output at 470kW level.

However ORBO sometimes called Heparin Heat is far better. No poisonous 80 kg of lead no explosive high pressure hydrogen gas, no 4 hours starting procedure.

Only one problem with Heparin Heat - again they are late. These product must be on markets shelves BEFORE of Christmas season, not after March Televisual update as Hugh warned us!

This not matter whether first customer of eCAT is: United Technologies Pratt&Whitney or GE or Honeywell. This will ending in Luciferian hands as power/propulsion of SSBNs or CGs/DDs with unlimited range. More Gunboat policies more neocolonialism.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rossi's just a side show at the fool's carnival. Roll on up Hugh. Roll on up.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't attack Hugh! He was right.
After next March there will be Televisual update and after that you may see more stuff!

Instead of water pumps, these will be Heparin Heaters, which will be supplied to Kenyan villagers.

Pumps must go to Dublin because flood, heaters to Africa because after global warming this time is global freezing.

1:44 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Hugh, you made a lot of very specific statements about Steorn and your own activities over the past year.

Each one was a lie. Each one was untrue.

When people say this, you whine about "moronic insults". What do you expect, Hugh? Do you expect people to say 'what a lovely OEDU board you have'? Do you expect people to say 'the Steorn-powered heater you built, as promised, is keeping the room toasty warm'?

Why do you expect anything other than mockery when you say stupid, blatantly untrue things? What do you want and expect people to say?

Answer these questions if you like, Hugh, or just whine like the pathetic petulant loser you are.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No and no. No lies.

Hugh's new power/drive/propel of (on his YouTube comment) mentioned "rocket submarines" is to certain level reality real.

This new N3 Breaker drive is real.
However at this time here is little technical problem with efficiency and high noise.

Standrard boat screw is 4 times more efficient then Hugh's "rocket submarine". And old method car wheel and asphalt surface is some 15 times more efficient.

So only applications where is need for high noise are suitable for Hugh's new drive/propeller invention. For example some entertaining flashing moving toys for Saturday Night Fever Discotheque. Crazy, noisy and nouvelles.

Hugh is hard working for better new world.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, around corner there is imminent revolution.

Not only Heparin Heat and all sort of ORBOs, too Free Energy N3 Breaker flying kettles for one travelling person.

Hugh has already blueprints, technical sketches of this.

This time it is in public domain at his YouTube account.


6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugh – In general agreement with the message in your blog posting. Competition is good, and hopefully there will be a healthy rivalry and cooperation between Steorn and Rossi. The E-Cat seems better geared to continuous thermal power generation, and therefore might not be suitable for domestic properties unless excess heat can be used for electrical power generation. Steorn Hephaheat seems be a great technology to replace existing central heating systems – whether it be single radiators connected to a 13 Amp sockets, or a larger unit to replace a domestic oil or gas powered boiler.
So what are the plans for Steorn’s HephaHeat rollout? Hopefully there will be some good news on this front over the next few months. It seems that Rossi is taking orders for the larger 1 MW plants, and is working on a strategy for smaller domestic units. A Fox News article makes a suggestion that Rossi’s first customer might be the US Navy – for the moment this is probably just speculation.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Nearly a year on, Hugh. No demonstration, no OEDU board, you never tried to build a heater, you never tried to build a mobile phone charger.

No "moronic insults" required, Hugh. None of the things you said were true. Res ipsa loquitur.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, patiency !!

As Big Capo mentioned before 4 years in famous 0,007 interview:

"Orbo technology is like HDD tech."

So you must see columns about flooding in Thailand, where is stated it will be missing production of 70 millions HDDs for next quartals.

And resetting of production lines will take 3 quartals to 2 years.

If Orbo/HeparinHeat is something complicated as HDD (as Big Capo talked), so it is some another 3 quartals to 2 years for preparation of production lines (supposed tech was "tranferred" at end of September as Hugh mentioned).

Only few quartals/years and glory will for Heparin Heat. Nobel Price too. After Nobel "Peace" Prized Barry Soetoro 6 times war leader, this will big fun to Nobelized Big Capo and theirs Heparin heat.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, History is walking EXACTLY as predicted (and by Brookings Institute planned):

1. By another wars (Libya) increase price of WTI & Brent

2. By launching OverUnity / Free Energy / LENR etc. technologies decrease prices of WTI & Brent

3. By false accusations starting another major war with Iran, which locked Hormuz and whole Planet Earth will without Oil for some 3-4 months.

This will significantly increase prices of oil again.

This is very good for gamblers, Luciferians, banksters etc. Hugely Up, hugely down and hugely Up again.

I love these freaks:

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is great.

Dublinese will NOT 2nd company in Free Energy/Ultra Cheap Clean Energy.

They will be 3rd or 108th.

Within 2 weeks there will another big halo:

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Further progress on the ECAT development with a new website "in association with Andrea Rossi".

It is reporting that the home ECATS will be available in 2013. So this gives Steorn some breathing space to fully commercialize HephaHeat.

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HephaHeat progress is very slow and painful.

For example: a broken pseudo-logarithmical scale of chart, where instead of starting with 1kW, they started with 1W, after 1000 times value of second line (10kW), they 10 times valued the third line with 100kW value.

HephaHeat product manufactured with the same quality probably will burn your skin to bone.

Drunken Dublinese with their "Vessle" mystery device. This is desperate.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


great news:

Dublinese boys admitted that in Ireland is cold clima.

They 5 years quietly started their daughter company in Cyprus:

Steorn Investments

sure, IPOs, M&A, some new stock emissions etc.

This company will king in trading with IRON (end some anomalous derivatives)

Also they are experts in logistics and IT:

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are indeed experts in logistics.

EVERY delivery exactly Just In Time !

1:37 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

So, do we have a company saying "we are the customer that bought the eCat device"? No? We have mysterious vague handwaving about there being "a customer".

And we don't have a device that actually works or does anything.

Another typical day in perpetualmotionland, where nothing ever happens.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, big obstacle appears on road of free energy revolution:

Dublinese boys are bashful.

Sure, they are ashamed to wrote:

"We have OverUnity".

Some defect in child times and grow man is for full life bashful.

Folks, help them !!

Without overcome of this bashful, it is impossible to wrote to whole World: there is revolution.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Any news, Hugh? Any progress in the year you've been working on your heater/mobile phone charger? How are you heating the house today, Hugh?

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hugh admitted yesterday, that his device with action without reaction is error.

Hugh admitted this on his YouTube Account - Steornhugh:

Question for Hugh:

Hugh, if you tested your device not on land-slip-carton, better on little model of ship in aquarium, you spare some 6 months you costly time.

So N3 breaker and "rocket submarine" are definitely dead or you have another invention as backup ?

4:07 AM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

I do indeed have a backup N3 solution. The theory is sound for this one and forst tests promising.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Terrific, Hugh. Why did you abandon the Steorn OEDU board and your plans to build a heater? Your house isn't heated by a Steorn device, is it? Funny, you said it was going to be "sooooo easy" to build a Steorn heater but you never did.

I'm sure your "N3 device" is going to be just as successful. How long have we been hearing about your N3 devices now? Not as long as we've been hearing about Steorn, but with exactly as much to show for it: NOTHING.

"The theory is sound for this one"

No, it isn't. You have no theories, you have no practice, you have absolutely nothing to show for your years of burbling about Steorn and N3 devices. Nothing. You, Steorn, Paul Lowrance, all of you nutters: you've got nothing.

What a pathetic sad loony you are. Grow up and get a clue, saddo, and stop making such an utter pillock of yourself. You're embarrassing.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

And the days go by, eh, Hugh? They turn into years. And your made-up gibberish about Steorn boards and N3 devices and eCats and so on remains illusory. To recap:

* You lied about trying to make a heater / mobile phone charger with a Steorn device

* You lied about inventing an "N3 violating" device

* You lied about Rossi and e-Cat

You're a piece of work, Hugh. Are you proud of yourself?

11:01 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Any news, Hugh? Orbo spinning away? eCat doing its thing? N3 Culoumb devices all present and correct?

I don't think that's the case. I think you're still buying all your energy.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Another quiet day on the perpetual motion front. No Orbos spinning, no eCats fusioning, no Hugh Deasy "N3" machines doing anything. Situation normal.

4:21 PM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

N3 device just reproduced at another lab. More, much more, later...

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Catastrophic marketing.

Something smell like Intel Cedar Trail netbooks "before Christmas selling paradise bonanza season" fiasco.

Something like 28nm new generation of AMD & nVidia GPUs "before Christmas selling" fiasco.

When catastrophic marketing with HephaHeat exist and concurrently non-exist fiasco plus missed extreme important pre-Christmas Holidays selling season = in sum these are 49 times failed chronic repeaters of neverending fiascos.

Losers and drunkers. Selling heaters after winter and bikinis after summer.

Irish tragedy. These catastrophic marketers don't understand that it is world tragedy too.

World tragedy because Luciferians and ZioNazis will starting another war. War which may evolve in big multiparties conflict. War which will be seeing as irrelevant few days/weeks after successfull marketing of OU.

I focused word "successfull", not this drunken version of 49th delay.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

"N3 device just reproduced at another lab. More, much more, later..."

NAME THE LAB, HUGH. Name the lab. Provide a contact. Find someone else who'll say they've reproduced your device. Go on. Liar.

Who are you trying to convince, Hugh? Anyone on this board? Yourself? Everyone knows you're a delusional fantasist and nothing you say about Orbo boards, eCats, or N3 devices is in any way true. Another year has gone by, you've got nothing to show for it.

It's pathetic to see a grown man acting the maggot with this sort of stupidity. Grow up.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

Another day of Orbo boards not Orboing, of Hugh not having an Orbo board and never having seen one, of Hugh not using a heater or mobile phone charger powered by Orbo and not explaining why he failed to deliver on his year-old promise to make them, of eCat not eCatting, and of Hugh not having an "N3 Device" and of the mysterious "other lab" that Hugh invented on a bender still not existing.

Pathetick delusional liars tell pathetic, delusional lies to each other -- just another day for the saddoes in PerpetualMotionLand!

10:27 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

And another day passes that Hugh hasn't built any of the things he said he was going to build with the Orbo board he never had, and the mysterious "lab" that Hugh invented failing to verify the "N3" device that Hugh pretended to start working on having accomplished everything with the Steorn Orbo board. Brilliant work, lads.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Cold winter in Germany. Hugh is not using the heater he said he was going to make out of Steorn Orbo parts, because he doesn't have one. He never made one. Never tried to. Never even had the Steorn Orbo board he said he was going to use. He's a liar. Proven fact. No argument to the contrary has been even suggested. He hasn't even tried to explain his failure to do what he said he was going to -- he just moved on to fresh lies about N3 devices and eCats and so on.

Are you proud of yourself, Hugh? Would you encourage, say, a child to behave the way you do?

10:05 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Another day of Hugh not using an Orbo heater, because he never even tried to make an Orbo heater, he just told stupid lies about making an Orbo heater, like that it was going to be "soooooo easy" to make an Orbo heater. But the Orbo doesn't do anything, Hugh never had one, and Hugh never tried to build a heater with it.

Then Hugh, having achieved everything he was ever going to achieve with his Orbo heater, moved on to create an "N3 device", and to have that replicated by a lab. Except he didn't, there is no lab, and Hugh was lying about that, too.

How pathetic can one man be, Hugh? Is there anyone more pathetically delusional and dishonest than you?

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

18 months timeframe for 2Watt mobile phone chargers is finally HERE.

Folks, sure - before 18 months Big Capo publicly told, after that 18 months will on markets Orbo mobile phone chargers.

18 months is here, 346kW HephaHeat is again failed Christmas selling season, so who will care for 346kW devices, when all Planet folks was promised 2Watts mobile phone chargers.

These chargers have HIGHER margin per output ratio, thus fatter profit, so fo Dublinese drunkers this is much bigger cow to milked.

346kW HephaHeat is dead again, long live to 2Watts mobile chargers !!!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Another day without Hugh unveiling a mobile phone charger or a heater. He never tried. Instead he started a new set of stupid, delusional lies about testing his magic "N3 device" in some lab. He has no N3 device, there is no lab, he's a liar.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, stay absolutely cool !!

They know and use secret new marketing technology.

Nouvelle markating technology of missing Christmas high selling season.

This marketing technology was developed specifically for chronic drunkards, because as everyone know, drunkards want drinking during whole holidays.

Drinking and sleazing and spleening.

Selling heaters after winter and Orbo bikini after summer.

Update: mobile phone chargers will not after 18 months as stated Big Capo. This stunt is actually delayed after finishing this interrupted Kinetica Museum exhibition.

You all knows. This expo was only postponed/interrupted, not cancelled.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

Hugh doesn't have a Steorn-powered heater. He said he was going to make one and it would be "sooooo easy". Hugh tells a lot of silly lies. He's a delusional nutter.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

That Orbo-powered heater must be almost ready now, Hugh, right?

Oh, yeah, you were lying about that.

Still, you've got the lab testing of your N3 device, right?

Oh, of course, lying about that, too.

You don't tell the truth much, do you, Hugh?

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger blogtrotter said...

N3 device just reproduced at another lab. More, much more, later...

11:20 PM

News Flash: Stiction drives do not violate any of Newton's laws.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

What if Hugh isn't lying? What if he does have several different sources of magic free energy? Then you'd think he'd share his work for the benefit of humanity, wouldn't you? But, no, he doesn't. So it's clear that he doesn't believe his own lies. He's not actually deluding himself, he's just a common liar.


Why do you tell these stupid lies, Hugh? How does it benefit you? No-one believes you, you don't believe yourself. What's the point?

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Hugh really has some N3 breaker, however Evil is hidden in detail: His N3 breaker will some 300 gramms heavy device, which is capable of some 0,5 gramm of thrust.

So for Hugh's dream "rocket submarines" propulsion mechanism would be weight some 300 tonnes and have thrust some 0,5 tonne.

With such N3 breaker propulsion travel to moon is impossible and travel to Bora Bora would be far longer then FED is lying about their shareholders.

With heaters, they missed very important Christmas selling window,
they are desperate clowns and losers. Sell Christmas tree stars and heaters after winter.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please can you provide an update on Steorn and HephaHeat technology.
- Has Steorn committed to a product roll out in 2012?
- What is the best COP achieved with HephaHeat technology?
- Will the launch product be a radiator for domestic use?

Thank you in advance for any information.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

It was well over a year ago that Hugh said he was going to build a heater & a mobile phone charger using Steorn technology.

Give him credit. A normal person would be at least somewhat embarrassed about saying something stupid like that and completely failing to deliver. Hugh just keeps on saying stupider things. Because he's a demented liar.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Why, Hugh? Why do you tell stupid, pathetic lies about N3 and Steorn and so on? What's in it for you? Is someone paying you? What's the point?

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, don't attack Hugh !!

For Hugh some too easy Orbo heater is low importance thing.

For Hugh important things are majestic adventures as human tours to space with his reaction-less propulsion.

Who will cares for few thousands folks in Obama Village in Kenya who died in row at front of well without Orbo pump.

For ESA folks it is much important
some Moon expeditions and devices which weight 300 grams and have thrust 0,5 gramm.

Heaters and pumps for Obama Villagers are just too stupid and low-profile banality.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Desperate wrote:
Please can you provide an update on Steorn and HephaHeat technology.
- Has Steorn committed to a product roll out in 2012?
- What is the best COP achieved with HephaHeat technology?
- Will the launch product be a radiator for domestic use?"
Because Hugh is incapable to wrote (you know bacause NDA), there is whole plan:

ad a) Has Steorn committed to a product roll out in 2012?

Yeah, for sure. After end of winter, around 5th Anniversary of interrupted Kinetica Show or around 6th Anniversary of The Economist Ad, we will consider some date for launch of commercialization of our learning system.

ad b) What is the best COP achieved with HephaHeat technology?

Yeah, this ratio is indefinite, beacause we looped system, and you know with looped OU with CoP of 340, you have infinite system.

ad c) Will the launch product be a radiator for domestic use?

Yeah, not exactly. Our marketing experts told us Not marketed domestic radiators in start of July weather.
So, we will launch some news about what we considered to launch in proper time.

End of communication.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Another day dawns of Hugh not having a Steorn Orbo board, not having a home-made magical heater, of eCat not doing anything, and of Paul Lowrence being a demented twit. Business as usual for the free energy loonies.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a chance that Hugh will be correct about Steorn’s technology. Whatever Steorn has or does not have in the way of energy technology, it seems that 2012 will be an interesting year with the possible verification of cold fusion technology. It will be even better to have two competing energy technologies hitting the market place.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Actually, 2006 was Steorn's year. Five years on, and they've delivered nothing and they're not even pretending any more. You'd have to be pretty stupid to believe them. I guess you're pretty stupid.

And this whole Rossi eCat thing is the same deal. A liar is telling lies about free energy and trying to scam money out of people, and credulous morons like you believe it. Why are you so bloody stupid? What is wrong with your brain?

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,
Why do you persevere in posting bitter and twisted comments on Hugh’s blog? The day will come when all will be revealed – one way or the other.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

The truth has been revealed: when Hugh said, last year, he was going to make an Orbo heater and an Orbo mobile phone charger, he was lying. Do you disagree?

When he said that it was going to be "sooooo easy" to build free-energy device, he was lying. He never attempted to build such a device. Do you disagree?

Steorn said in 2006 that they had "Orbo" free energy. They didn't. Repeated demonstrations failed. Their claims did not hold weight. Do you disagree?

Hugh now claims he has invented an "N3" device that breaks Newton's laws of physics. He has not done so. He was lying when he said so. Do you disagree?

Stop whining about "bitter attacks". Do you care about the truth, or not? The truth is that everything that Hugh and Steorn said about their "free energy" devices was utterly untrue, was a deliberate, deceitful lie -- and a scumbag like you wants to attack me for saying so rather than addressing the lies told by the liars. Why is that?

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, I must disagree.

Hugh really has N3 breaker.
Only one problem is with efficiency.
Efficiency of his last N3 breaker is around 60 times worse then efficiency of aircraft propeller.

So his dreams about propulsion for "rocket submarines" are slightly delayed.

And Dublinese drunkers really had Perpetuum Mobile. Only one problem was with reliability, because every 40 minutes they must change batteries and even whole device.

Because total marketing failure (they want selling heaters in summer) they choose plan B: in Tahiti is winter when at Darmstadt and Dublin is summer.

First batches of Dublinese Heaters will be sold at summer (aka Tahitian winter) in southern hemisphere and Kenya (as emergency substitute for promised pump).

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, big breakthrough:

Dublinese boys have NEW Web.

Unfortunatelly this new web lost a "News" subpage.

No "News" = none ever news

No pumps for poor Kenyans,

no restart of interrupted Kinetica Museum show.

No 650 HP engines.

No 2 Watts mobile phone chargers.

Simply shhhplufff

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their info on their new Web pages is

THE WORST and most desperate

marketing, which I saw during my whole life.

Even Ford Edsel had no worse "marketing" then these losers.

Note: When you have massive and robust overunity, you must focused "night electricity current rates" argument, haha, ha, hehe

ehhhh, uhhhh, aaaahhhh

Maybe results of some 5,3 promile of alcohol in blood stream and 6 years of prolonged delusion

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This last desperate marketing campaign was just deciphered:

As director of this marketing scrap was hired (by error) a castrate.

Little error at HR agency, instead of Italian opera, this castrate was leader of this "no balls" campaign.

No OverUnity, better is "Night rates"

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple: Worst marketing ever

It is like you developed Ferrari and

in brochure you wrote:

"this thing is capable of mooving"

Their style of frigid uncontrolled launching of OU tech to world will results to most chaotic and unfair crashes as i saw.

3 companies will have fore information, 7 other companies will have light delayed information
and last 4656 companies will catch in huge delayed information.

Heavy UNFAIR information discrimination will lead to a lot of suicides and crashes.

Desperate, cynic, drunkers losers.

12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is FAIR marketing for OverUnity tech ?

This way:

During workhours of workday

Expose on podium upfront of TV staffs and bunch of reporters,

told to all world: "We have functional OverUnity with CoP 23:1 fully prepared to production, it is low cost and 420 thousands times/cycles tested and all potential customer companies take row upfront of our office for production licence, please"

This is FAIR marketing, not their alcohol driven "no balls" unfair scrap where "we have something and we don't know/talk what is CoP, only 3 companies know this and another 15 companies will know this in January and others will know after half year.

this is same as Office for Housing statiscit last scandal, where one analyst company was supplied 3 days upfront of others with market statistical data about U.S. housing.

Dirty, unfair, Luciferian. Where I see this today ?

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Hugh,

at mid of September you noted, that around end of September will quiet transfer of technology to various companies.

Yesterday Steorn's stunt is this (3 months delayed) transfer of technology which all will see ?

Or it is another round of not quiet transfer to second rate companies which was not qualified to be in first wave first rate companies ?

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2012 - you will find a HephaHeat working in a home near you.....

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

End of 2012 ?? Excellent.

HephaHeat has one big usefulness and marketing problem:

Companies will buy license, going to develop devices and tuning production lines for some 3+ months. Plus some certification etc.

After 3+ months and ready HephaHeat products for market these companies will realize that Steornboys have ORBO electric generator with 3 kW electric output and some 3-5 kW of waste heat output (as gratis premium).

Who will buy HephaHeat boiler heaters, if all Orbo electric generators will capable of another 3-5 kW of waste heat generation ???

Another catastrophic marketing lesson from Dublinese Marketing School.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

No roll-outs, no eCats, no heaters, no mobile phone chargers, no Steorn boards, no N3 devices.

Explain this, Hugh. Please explain why you have consistently failed to do what you said you'd do. Were you lying, or did you believe you were going to do what you said you'd do, but couldn't? Which?


9:00 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Remember November 2010, when Hugh was gibbering about a Steorn demo and how it was going to be "soooo easy" for him to build an Orbo-powered heater?

Any updates on those claims, Hugh? No?


3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, year 2012 will be stunning:

At January CES Las Vegas there will a bunch of HephaHeat sink and shower heaters from a band of first tiers companies which have had "quiet" access to technology from September (as Hugh wrote here).
And at January 2012 Detroit Auto Show (NAIA) there will Toyoda launch of Orbo Prius - car with unlimited range (until something is breaking, you know) - this will official 9th launch of Orbo (after 2006 launch, 2007 launch, 2008 launch, 2009 launch, 2010 launch and much more other launches, you know).

And after that there will famous Radiator launch, Nodding Donkeys 100.000 pieces launch etc.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

How did all that "first tier access" go, Hugh? Oh, right, you were lying again.

Have you ever, in your life, told the truth about anything? Ever?

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, don't by rude !

Firstly, these was Panhacea Hemp University boys, who was used by Dublinese masters to disseminate "tactical lies" to world.

Remember: May 2010, June 2010 etc.
AssTwitt repeatly wrote at Energetic Forum that "after 2 weeks we will have tests done and published this". AssTwitt repeated this same "tactical lies" cca 30 times.

After 30 times repeated the same "tactical lie" there was clear that disinfo channel was wholly discredited.

This was time for strategic shift:
some more credible person with real academic titles must be used next time for prolonged repeating this "tactical lies"

And best candidate was Hugh. Ubtil this times honest man, poor, not-corrupted. Perfect candidate.
And they used him. Repeatedly.

September 2011 info about "quiet transfer of technology" was not in this tactical lies category. This was real.

As folks at Pension Funds and others well knows: Who has foreknowledge about private company "FED" resolution about changing interest rates, those may doing half billion fortune overnight. This situation is similar: A few companies called "partners" has foreknowledge about Orboo tech, these "partners" know in advance dates, terms, tech specs etc. These First Tier companies will profiting few billions more then others 2nd tier companies, which must (as Prospectus stated) executing some tests in Dublinese showroom.

End summary: Hugh is generally honest persona, he was only misused by Dublinese masters to doing some dirty campaign "tactical lies". This is standard norm in today Luciferian conducted world.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

If I thought I'd discovered free energy that could solve the world's problems, I think I'd publicize it instead of playing coy little games on a blog. Of course, Hugh doesn't think he's discovered anything, he's just a demented pathological liar.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, no !

You simply don't understand standard modus operandi of Luciferians, Satanists etc.

They want keep information with minimum publicity. They share information only with comrades, partners companies and labs cleaner lady.

When you orchestrated chaotic semi-spontanneous semi-controlled disclosure to world, you may doing not only half billion fortune during one week, better you do multi-billion fortune. So called Press Filtrating agents catch this info in first minute, they delayed this for some 3-15 minutes and sendind echo to theirs controlling agents. After that some Goldmanites and ex-Goldmanites doing trades and have hundreds millions fortune, and after that it is in streaming FX and Commodity and Stock "News" and poor low folks from Bumbai and Dumbai starting their little shorting and powers the whole system.

Luciferians and Satanists never want stay at podium for 35 TV and press staffs and in one minute reveal truth for all.

Their business must go in standard proven manner.

Electric powerplant and thermal plant companies will bankrupt relative longtime during 4 to 8 years timeframe, however right info at first minute will doing billion fortune for these informed Luciferian and Satanist folks.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

This whole business of creating a revolutionary free energy source that would upend all of scientific knowledge and transform the planet just isn't all that important to Hugh, it seems. He doesn't take it very seriously.

Better things to do, Hugh? More interesting projects to work on? What are you up to these days?

5:55 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

How's that eCat machine doing, by the way? And your N3 device? And your Steorn Orbo board? All well? Ticking over nicely? No electricity bills to pay anymore? Excellent.

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

e-CAT machines are in prenatal stadium. Some unstability must be solved, some certification with neutron and gamma rays and after another year this technology will obsolete because HephaHeat.
HephaHeat is cheaper, lesser maintenance, no gamma rays, no pressurized hydrogen, no half year new charges.

N3 breaker is fine except desperate low efficiency.

Orbo board was joke, pure alibism.

Electricity bills will be eliminated after next winter.

We must patented firstly a absolute genial idea: When HephaHeat has CoP 40:1, thus it is possible to loop with steam turbogenerator and you get Perpetuum Mobile. I must hurry up.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rossi has indicated that the first domestic ECATS will will be available for sale in the autumn of 2012. If he the technology works and receives all the technical certification, this will be a remarkable achievement.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Neutron & Gamma rays generator will irrelevant because STEORN in March 2008 launched world breaking technology ORBO to market.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Tuesday Jan 10, at CES Las Vegas event Dr. Zetsche from Mercede-Benz will be launching "O"class of Mercedes powered with Orbo. For Russian market this model wil have pre-heating of engine & batteries with HephaHeat tech.

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Tuesday Jan 10, at CES Las Vegas event Dr. Zetsche from Mercede-Benz will be launching "O"class of Mercedes powered with Orbo. For Russian market this model wil have pre-heating of engine & batteries with HephaHeat tech.

Some of the information is correct. Dr. Zetsche is the head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Division, and Mercedes are exhibiting at CES. Just wondering if the person who blogged the information either has an extremely vivid imagination, or is on the inside of Steorn.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Let us know when your next magic free energy thing is working, Hugh, yeah?

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though housing is in terrible shape in the US, it’s not nearly as bad as Ireland. Irish real estate is in freefall. Prices have plunged 60 percent across the country and 65 percent in Dublin. Austerity measures have sent unemployment soaring (18 percent) and housing into the doldrums. According to the Guardian, prices dipped 8 percent in the last quarter alone, “the largest ever quarterly fall in house prices in Ireland.” (“Ireland’s house prices at lowest levels since 2000″, The Guardian)

Folks, this is Pyrrhic victory, Orbo is launched on market from March 2008 and even this brute force of Free Energy is not capable to save Ireland.

Dirty Satanists, they stealth all hardware !

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, Dublinese drunkers have whole new PR agency for 9th launch of Orbo technology.

This new PR agency are real professionals, they know: When you want to something tell to 7000 electronic/electric/toys/gadgets companies, you must doing show at CES Las Vegas.

So Dublinese drunkers with some partners are awaiting at Las Vegas.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Any word on the "customer" that Rossi has apparently successfully apparently sold something to? Or was that just something else that some quack said and you pretended to believe, because you're a gullible loony?

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, here is another big invention from whole row of many inventions:

Dublinese magicians stated they have input to their HeparinHeat from standard main 230V 13 Amp i.e. roughly 3kW. And in updated version of their graph with broken logarithmic scale they show input 10kW.

And here is basic of their last invention: from 230V 13 Amp SINGLE PHASE main they are capable squeezed out to input of HeparinHeat 10kW (more then 3 times more) !!!

Dublinese Magic. Whole New Physic.

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they know this and patented this at October 2011:

Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR in MHS (Metal Hydride Systems)

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is obvious dirty truth:

They was not ready for CES Las Vegas.

9 months after invented 3kW in hand overunity heater and 4 months after presented 40-70kW desktop water heater, they are not capable presented this at front of professional public eyes at CES Las Vegas.

Simply, they failed again for 59th times.

At CES there is some 7000 companies on stage under one roof.

Dublinese are like Madonna.

Madonna is praying about CO2 emissions and at all venues she is flying with heir Gulfstream which is burning 20 tonnes of kerosine per flight. I love these clowns.

Dublinese praying about clean no pollution tech, however all 7000 companies which will want buy license they all must individually fly to Dublin which will burn some 28 000 tonnes of kerosine, this all for their joking and no capability to present at CES Las Vegas.

Pathological losers.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here is typo in calculations:

7000 companies will must fly to Dublin because no presence of Dublinese at CES

1 flight here, 1 flight back
Gulfstream = 20 tonnes of kerosine
times 2 flights

In sum = 280 000 tonnes of kerosine
will be burnt.

Green boys with green tech from emerald isle (future ad)

ehh, hehhh

2:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a whisper from the Steorn team in Dublin, except a shiny new web site that gives little or no additional information. In the Italian American corner, Rossi is making waves with the ECat, and it is possible that a domestic version will be on the market by the end of the year. There seems to be a lot of academic credibility surrounding the Rossi claim of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. So the multibillion dollar question is whether 2012 will be the year that begins a paradigm shift to a new global energy source?

Another question is what will save Steorn? Rossi claims that the domestic ECat has a COP of 6, and there is talk about the device running self sustaining mode. Sean and team need to come up with a credible alternative to compete with the ECat – a COP of 10 or more will be the start of a boxing match between Sean McCarthy and Andrea Rossi. But we all ask if Andrea is about to land the knockout punch against Sean? The Steorn team will have to throw the towel into the ring and concede final defeat.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

"There seems to be a lot of academic credibility surrounding the Rossi claim of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction."

No, there doesn't. Just another quack who has invented free energy and no, you can't see it.

Why do you want "academic credibility", anyway? Don't you just want something that works? Wouldn't that be better? If eCat actually worked, then it would work and you wouldn't need to make up stupid lies about "a lot of academic credibility" when none exists.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Not a whisper from the Steorn team in Dublin"
Exactly, for example when Russians want to start Operation Bagration, they too was deathlike silence ....

and after that firing barrage from
20 000 howitzers, guns and Katyushas.

Yeah, they even not need CoP above 10 (they have for sure) because they not need to start their gadgets for ONE HOUR with 2,7 kW input.

They starting their HephaHeat 20-90 seconds. Their gadget is capable of 900°C, Rossi's gadget is very good for boiling spaghetti with 120°C.

Only one minir flaw, Dublines marketing is most desperate opeartion after Operation Linebacker III.

Truly disaster. They will selling heaters during zenith of summer.

ehh. hehhh, uhhh

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Quote from Wikipedia.

Roland Pettersson, retired Associate Professor from the University of Uppsala, who witnessed it said "I'm convinced that this works, but there is still room for more measurements"

There are other academics and universities that have been linked to Rossi's ECat. Not one individuals or university has made an allegation of fraud against Rossi.

Agree in on respect - time will reveal the real truth. With Rossi, he has publicly stated that manufacturing and sales will start in the autumn / winter of 2012.

Difference between Rossi and Steorn is that many scientists, businesses, and universities have researched LENR over the past 20-30 years.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

There is no difference, and your quote from Wikipedia means nothing. If anyone has any sort of technology that would actually do what is claimed, they could demonstrate it and publish the details and change the world and win the Nobel prize and a lot more besides.

Instead, we see the usual dreary evasions, lies, bluster, and squabbling about who owns the website or whatever, and no actual *evidence* of anything working and no *publications* indicating how it might work. It's stupid and if you believe it you're a cretin. Grow up and get a clue and stop chasing rainbows, there's enough real work to be done.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is probably wise to reserve judgement on Rossi. Why would any individual or organisation release full technical details until a worldwide patent is granted? At the same time there seems to be active plans for Rossi to setup manufacturing plants and global distribution channels. Give Rossi 18 months to deliver, and then use your harsh words. On the other hand you might be filling out the order form for an ECat, and parting with your hard earned Dollars or Euros etc. You might even raise a glass to Rossi if he delivers – otherwise just continue to blog and say that you were right all along.

The serious question that we all need to answer is why would academics such as Dr. Roland Pettersson and Professor Focardi risk ruining their reputations on science that has foundations. Fleishman and Ponds had to deal with a massive fallout following their botched cold fusion announcement.

We are probably in agreement on one thing – he should be awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics if he has discovered how to create energy from LENR. The alternative is that he will go down in history as another fraudster.

3:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question for Hugh

The Steorn patent application “ELECTROMAGNETIC SYSTEM WITH NO MUTUAL INDUCTANCE AND AN INDUCTIVE GAIN “ (International Publication Date of 15/09/11 - WO2011110951) makes several references to an inductive gain. The patent application looks be the underlying system in HephaHeat. Any comment on this?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

I seem to remember a lot of "reserving judgement" about Steorn, as well. I think some clowns are still reserving judgement. I'm judging Rossi based on what he's done so far. If circumstances change, I'll judge the changed circumstances.

If Rossi had the goods, he'd deliver the goods. Instead, we get waffle, evasion, and petty bickering about who the official website is and what Defaklion has to do with it and bore bore bore bore who cares. If he had the goods, he'd deliver the goods. But you have to be pretty stupid to believe someone who says he's got some magic world-changing better-than-fire super mojo and, no, eh, you can't see it.

Anyone who just says he's got perpetual free energy and will deliver it any day now is a liar and a fraud. Put up or shut up.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

007's upcoming announcement about UFO:

"Still waiting to hear from the 3rd party for our exclusive that we've been talking about recently. Time zone differences are making things even worse."

Folks, 007 is preparing "Big Thing".
UFOs over Australia village Oooukooombaa. World will forever stunned.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, 007 was forced to delay stunning disclosure about UFOs over Oobumbaa County in Australia because "Time zone differences".

Yeah, UFOs have really different time zone, so more patience is needed.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defkalion GT Jan 21, 2012:

"We have already announced that we have contracts with more than 60 companies from different countries to proceed with Hyperion local production and support, based on OEM and know how transfer agreements. The list of such companies will be announced following their successful testing on Hyperions, which is a prerequisite for the activation of such contracts. Following this procedure, there are different time schedules applied for each country."

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steorn last patent gadget use Magnetec Nanoperm core for toroid.

Nanoperm is alloy:

Fe73,5 Cu1 Nb3 Si15,5 B7

Folks, Niobium will be rapidly sold off.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toroid core M-059 from Magnetec Nanoperm from Steorn last patent:

1:36 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

Yeah, Defkalion and Rossi have a lot of statements to release and things to say. When it comes to actually demonstrating that they have a working free energy machine, though, they don't.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hot News:

After 5 years of expensive works, SKultDB member admitted they have NONE, NIL, ZERO, Nothing:

"I do have some news.

We are trying different frequencies ATM to try and get some understanding of the heat production, but i dont hold much more hope on this, this year we will be throwing in the towel on the pulse motor and heater.

At least we stuck at it , and with respect the other developers did their best too , all credit to them.

If Shteorn have a heater then the developers certainly dont know how they are doing it. Its theirs not developers i guess. If the developers knew they would have the same heater. If Steorn have succeeded then i dont think they need developers any more, but i would have to review their device.

It was a large expense of all developers to try and assist them, i dont know if they will help us in the end. I doubt it. Ill have a final report on this after March. No heat so far in their figures , we will report our final heat test after march. I would expect bad news.

Such is life, we move on and search for other things. Happens all the time."

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, Great News !!

CVN-65 Enerprise plus one deactivated DDG of Ticonderoga class will


Yeah, ZioNazis give only 12 hours to early warning for Obumba, because they "don't trust him"

After ZioNazi attack, Iranians will retaliate with Hormuz straits closing,
after that U.S. will attack Iranian soil. After that iranians will fire 60 anti-ship missiles.

After that 3/4 of all missiles will destroyed by AEGIS system, however Enterprise will accompanied with one deactivated DDG with rusted radar antennas and rusted VLS doors. This duo will intentionally sacrificed.
Neocons desperately need another "Pearl Harbor" they wrote so.
They even more desperately need hold high prices of oil, because they just know that Free Energy technologies are in high progress.

Another big war and radioactive dust from destroyed nuclear powerplants blowed by winds over India.

Yeah, delayed Free Energy technologies have their prices.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, remember you a stunning Launch of Orbo Technology at February 4, 2009 ?

Curtain over full display half-way draw-up, dramatic minutes, exaggerated hopes and .... puff, nothing.

This was only date error. This Launch of Technology is real, however not at Feb 4, 2009, it was typo in time machine.

Real launch of real technology will be at Feb 4, 2012 !!

With dark curtain in action again !!

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, really, really big news !!

Dublinese Team was moved to PORTUGAL !

Portugal was analysed as bankrupt some days AFTER Ireland, so Dublinese had clear choice.

From their new WEB site:

For general enquiries, email

Telephone: +351-1-6871020 [Portugal]

6:43 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Any news, Hugh? N3 device, Steorn device, OEDU board, eCat, heater, mobile phone charger? Anything? Anything at all? No?

Any desire to revisit some of the claims you made and promises you committed to, then?


You're a despicable, cowardly, lying toad.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, economists recently succeed in calculations that PIIGS countries rescue IS POSSIBLE !!!

Only 13 lane highway long 3 km full of heavy truckloads with newly printed cash:

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

0007 is preparing promised intrview with really big names.

Archer Quinn and his Sword of God

is on route to 0007 FB blog

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Coming 0007 interview with Big Names will not be Archer Quinn and no his Sword of God.

Coming interview is about extraordinary dangerous aliens (UFOs) which infiltrated some top positions at Australian Ministry of Education.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indian machinery company & Dublinese team:

Paliha Machinery, Faridabad, Haryana, India - 121 004

We are the most preferred firm engaged in providing Three Ply Corrugated Paperboard Machine to our esteemed customers. The medium of these systems can be gos, STEORN or electrical heating tube. Engineered with latest technology, our machines are manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

POOL about reason of another delays of real launch of ORBO tech.

Well, as every even low level technician know: when you have heating system with batching input of 1 kW electricity and batching output of around 40 kW of heat energy by 500 to 900°C hot "metallic storage" (as HephaHeat is present at, this is very trivial to loop the system with help of some turbo-generator.


Is this absence of looped HephaHeat system caused by end stage of development of real strong ORBO ?

Or by brain non-capability of these inventors ?

Or by anti-human behavoir of these businessmen ?

Or what ?

Winner of this pool will win right do advance to second round of pool (on theme: what number of next delays is needed to launch whatever tangible).

Enjoy approaching end of winter, right time to sell home heaters !

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


...umm... never mind.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


as 0007 promised 3 weeks back,

he is preparing EXCLUSIVE interview with some BIG names about

UFOs landing in northwestern Australia in tribe village in Oobumbaa County

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, exactly as I wrote numerous times few months back:

Firstly: Imperium with his leader Nobel Peace Prize holder Barry Soetoro and/or Zionist Armed Entity will starting/provoking another war.
This will 6th or 7th war of holder this discredited Nobel Peace prize. (Libya was not war with 30.000 dropped bombs, this was "kinetic action").

In last swan song crude oil prices will spike up for purpose of maximum double counter move profit.

After that there will some announcement about 68 times delayed Free Energy tech, no-matter whether Shteorn or Devaluakion.

After this announcement there will much more space for epic fall. More space to fall = more profit.

Yeah, neverending delays give some logic.

At every case it will bigger profit.


6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yaah, when someone in free energy branches is 67 times delayed and as extreme brutal joke used Ashtwitt Marihuana Lover as useful dirty disinfo agent fot 38 times disseminating such blabb: "after 2 weeks we will given tech and test this and publish this and videoed this",

so exactly this thing happens:

competitors are not waiting

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking News !!

No, 0,0007 Craig Ozzy even today has no EXCLUSIVE interview, which he promised 4 weeks back,

however he today confirmed UFOs at his FB page !!!

Sure, humanity will be enslaved by water condensations "sleds" behind airliners wings and Craig's UFOs !!

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, great news !!!

After 5 years of extraordinary work and numerous of inventions and applications

SKDB (Steorn's unpaid 5000 volunteers Kult Klub)

is effectively from today DEAD !!

No amateurish mutations of Orbo, no Clanzer nonfunctional replications, no 550 bhp engines, no Babcat electric bicycles

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steorn is clearly the winner. Stringing hundreds of people along for six years who spent God knows how much of their own money in trying to replicate the unreplicatable; keeping 22 world renown scientists in the dark for two years who finally gave up in frustration; bilking investors out of $14M and all the while managing to stay out of jail and live to scam another day.


A round of Grog for Sean and company. What a bunch of pirates, Aaar!

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, horrible events happened:

Craig 0,0007 continued in fanatical refuse to publish his EXCLUSIVE interview on themes such as: UFOs landing in Australia tribal village and suppresion in Free Energy branche.

It's looking as himself 0,0007 is involved in these dirty suppression and censure.

Folks BEWARE !! 0,0007 is their asset !!

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, really, really positive news !!

Shteorn CEO recently has his FIRST follower on his Twitter account:

And there is:

Xavier Nathan@manxhypnosis

Hypno Psychotherapist in Private Practice in the Isle of Man Setanta hypnotherapy Clinic.

Heaters will for sure at the end of winter. Best marketing timing.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After losing 37 times successfull disinfo agent Asstwitt, who successfully 37 times published false start of testing and data publishing, Dublinese gamblers bet on Hugh.

After damaged reputation of this honest guy, Dublinese for long time was unable to find another person to spread their PRopaganda.

Until now.

Probably for reason of failure of solid state concept they are sodomized the whole world with 3 years failed rotary EM concept again.

Yesterday "new" video of obsolete tech:

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking News !!

HeparinHeat technology will used in room heaters as substitution of failed Orbo technology.

First batches of those HeparinHeat heaters will be send gratis as humanitarian aid to unnamed Kenyan Village in Obumba prefecture.

Supply will starting at start of Summer. This action is emergency substitution for not delivered water pumps.

More heat instead of water - good barter for Africa folks.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DGT today: Tests with the presence of high level Government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive. Announcements will be made upon mutual agreements, at a time yet to be defined. Tests continue with international Authorities in the coming weeks. DGT

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, remember these prophecy about "mobile phone charger within 18 to 24 months" ? This statement was released in June 2010, so there is perfect timing:

Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone launch maybe at March 22, maybe in Paris.

Yeah, 120 gr smartphone with one pound weight charger.

Dublinese WINS !!! Planet Earth is saved.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally here !!

Because of 70th delay of Dublinese team (they know, there will be more and more profit, if they wait and delay until next radioactivity spread catastrophe), thus there is no news on Dublinese inventions front.

This spleen time is filled with:

0,0007 just 5 hours back on his FaceBook page

CONFIRMED there are UFO folks
in Australia !!!

Two F-16 of unnamed world superpower fired on these !!

He confirmed this !!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, remember these prophecy about "mobile phone charger within 18 to 24 months" ? This statement was released in start of June 2010, so there is perfect timing, however great confusion:

It is unclear whether it will be 71st delay or 72nd delay, i.e. whether this announcment will be at March 22, in Paris or May 22 in London. Samsung Galaxy S III is the most suspicious device and candidate.

And yes, heaters will be released at start of summer. For prolonged delusion folks as noted some dean at Kinetica it is most promised timing.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nanoperm material which used Dublinese for their bazmek is 10nm grains ?

Rossi use 10nm grains nanoparticles metal ?

Stanford folks doing very nice photos of collective oscillations of electrons with sub 10nm particles

Yeah, there will finished as unified theory, eh, heh

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luciferians have real problem:

"G’Day, I was JUST in Athens and met with representatives of Defkalion. They told me that they were going to begin selling their LENR device this July 2012. I was shown their R&D model which just starts with a flick of the switch. It also turns off with a just a flick of the same switch. They have their model running at 250degc. They can get their LENR to run over 350degc (dry steam), but they need something more than the current fluid that they are using. Rossi has problem shutting down his E-CAT. Rossi is a “one-man-band” and Defkalion has 27 scientists.

Several groups have come to see them including NASA. They have taken down their blog on their website to enable their 27 scientists to just concentrate on their work to finalize a commercial LENR. Each unit will have as many as five (5ea) LENRs, each running at 5kw. I went there to investigate possible investment. They only want BIG investors. They have MANY OEM (original equipment manufacturers) already on board internationally. They intend to manufacture 300,000 units in the first year. It will cost only 30 Euros/year to operate each LENR device

They have all the European certificates. Everyone else in the world recognises the EU certificates, except the United States. Defkalion had decided the US is in the ‘too-hard-basket’ and won’t manufacture or sell to the US. The units will be monitored via mobile telephone or internet to insure their proper operation.

I was told that they were trying to actually see what happens in their device with some glass with a melting point of 1500degc. They saw it light up like the sun and then it melted the glass. This just took a second or two. I was told what their working theory was, but they really don’t know what is going on. They have brought in several academics with a myraid of explanations.

This looks like a real go’er. It will change the world. I’m sorry for not disclosing more. I was told specifics, but was asked to keep them confidential.

Defkalion told me when Mr. Rossi had the 1mw plant going, at one point, everyone ran out because it got unstable. He’s too worried about confidentiality and is a one-man-band. He keeps things too close. Defkalion couldn’t work with him because of it. Rossi needs some technical help, which would require letting his invention out-of-the-bag to a precious few scientists. He has REAL trouble shutting it down. Defkalion even has something like a fire extinguisher attached to ‘poison’ the reactants to kill it. They can just shut it down normally with a flick of the switch. Defkalion will constantly monitor the LENRs, even in your house to ensure their safety. Rossi has a LONG way to go."

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big fun experienced at SKDB during glorious days:

"It is now my personal opinion that while Steorn may have found a curiosity at one point they were determined to capitalize on the force of the celtic tiger that was rampant at the beginning of the new millennium. Why not crowd source the solution? As a member I saw many of the ideas and innovations produced by the SKDB membership appear in the final Orbo displayed at the Waterways Demo. The original EM orbo offered to us from Steorn just had solenoids, but due to their nature were harder to saturate. It was in a competition organized within the walls of the skdb with a prize of twenty thousand euros that saw the implementation of the toroids for the first time. The membership also added the micrometer adjuster. It seems quite clear on refection that Steorn lifted the ideas. It was after all their forum and if you read the small print they were indeed the owners of all ip placed in there. Needlessly to say, no one got the twenty grand. The crowd sourcing fell down because they were incapable of giving us anything that we could reproduce. People were willing to try and improve on items given to us from Steorn assuming that they worked first. Trouble was nothing we ever reproduced worked and when we asked for help in at least copying their results we were greeted with silence.
.........On Wednesday 15th of February , the servers of the SKDB were turned off without prior warning. On the Steorn official Youtube channel all of their videos of any note disappeared too. After some phone calls an explanation was offered up by Shaun Mcarthy along the lines of ..

“We have recently formed a partnership where we have signed an Non disclosure agreement which means that we will be closing the SKDB down without notice for a year.”

yeah, give us your idea and we show you 20 grand !! of course, next time

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Craig Coates and Phil Watson, both of whom gave testimonials on the wonderfulness of Orbo have now disavowed that claim. That leaves Dizzy Deasy to come clean.

Clanzer also had some not nice things to say:

"Even the behind the SKDB club was closed down a few weeks ago, with no notice to members, they just kicked us out. In saying that they stopped communicating with that closed club ages ago.

So another bites the dust, even though they are now playing with heaters! !

After all these years and all the money/time spent on Steorns claims I can honestly say I followed their details to the book and never managed to see the gains they claim. This includes every model from Stop/Start Orbo , pm Orbo E-Orbo and SS- Orbo.

Oh well another lesson in life hehehe"

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, No and No !!

Things are not so clear !

Hugh is honest guy, who had misused by these Dublinese devilish team.

How much must be folks devilish -
they have from March 2011 1, 3 and 15 kW wonderful miraculous machines.

They have from September/October 2011 absolutely stunning 40+ kW OverUnity machines.

All these machines are not allowed to go to market by these uber devilish masters of darkness.

Another war will be manufactured by false pretenses, another hundreds thousand people will die.

For what ??

For their biggest fattest profits.

Free Energy suppression (about which 0,0007 wrote numerously) in best form.

Anti-human devilish non plus ultra.

I calculated: every month of their delaying of start selling licenses/selling devices cost this Planet Earth around 150 to 250 BILLIONs dollars. Sure, every month.

I hope there in hell are starting heating to much output some torturous instruments for these human race treacherous creatures.

6 months after produced movie star trailers about miraculous devices 1 kW for 1-2 minutes in and 40-70 kW output for 1-2 minutes out, 6 months after fully functions devices they are not capable get this to market for common folks. Only for illuminati "partners".

I need be supervisor in hell.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is remembering these blabs about "mobile phone charger"?

So, it will be no brand Ding Dong Shenzai or Cililing Motolola Guangzhou.

This will big global brand like Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release May Just Be 2 Days Away Now

6:37 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Everything going according to plan, Hugh? With the mobile phone charger and the demo and the heater ("soooo easy!") and the e-cat and all that? Any room for improvement, do you think, or are you happy with how everything is for now?

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, here in lower chassis is room for 2 coils and one solenoid aka Orbo. Famous "mobile phone charger":

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steorn announces plans for widespread deployment of its free energy technology !!!

5:46 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...." -- Hugh Deasy, June 2010.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last update:

Launch of new Samsung Galaxy S III
will probably in London May 2, 2012.

Remeber June 1, 2010 statement about

"mobile phone chargers within 18 months to 2 years" ?

Sure, Dublinese with Samsunk will one month AHEAD of plan !!

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Update of last Update:

Launch of Samsung Galaxy S III

will be in London, Thursday May 3, 2012

No other mobile phone was delayed for reason of waiting for these new "mobile phone charger" about which was referred 22 months ago.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...." -- Hugh Deasy, June 2010.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah they signed with own blood to Samsunk.

So Samsunk mabe will have 6-9 months exclusivity for Orboo and HeparinHeat products/license.

HeparinHeat heaters win !

And 0,5 Watt mobile chargers too.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...." -- Hugh Deasy, June 2010.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, imagine:

Sammy Galaxy S III tomorrow in London - extraordinary Super Amoled UltraPlus display, 128 gr. weight plus one pound weight "mobile phone charger" envisioned by drunkers 23 months back.

Yeah, unlimited 0,5 Watt stream of energy !!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pufff, Samsunk London presentation was pufff.

No Orboo, no mobile charger, no HeparinHeat, no 18 to 24 months.

Nothing. Dublinese drunkers imploded again. 86th delay.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...." -- Hugh Deasy, June 2010.

So... any news?

5:51 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

Coming up on two years now. No word from Hugh. I wonder why.

12:48 PM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

I've moved on is why. Surprised to see any still on this. In the meantime I'm prototyping Lorentz invention and have cracked the Casimir force - it will be even more efficient.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This if stunning news Hugh.

Only one confusing thig.

When Dublinese in 2006 had great humbug about "powering cars and ships with Orbo" they was hide truth about magnitude of their "invention" = 9 microJoules.

You have N3 breakre and what it is meaning for real life ?

If old fashioned aircraft propeller is 4-6 times more efficient then your N3 breaker, what is real life usefulness of such gadgets ?

2:42 AM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

At least 1 and maybe both of my N3 breakers as a side effect give MW from a small system.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy with you. I always believed you are honest man.

It is urgent need to speedy take on the market via a number of licenses, because I every day see a number of old fashioned/insane projects (fracturing mine gas, coal under whole cities etc) which will cost society additional hundreds of billions of wasted money.
Our country totally corrupted government is just considering to waste 500 billions of public money for Phase II and III of old fashioned nuclear powerplants.

I am really sick from this (after 15 years of markets/companies analysis).

Don't stop this now !!

3:57 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"I've moved on is why"

You haven't moved on, chump, you're still doing exactly the same thing: telling stupid lies about magic free energy machines that don't exist. Why?

3:57 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

"I've been busy with that N3 violator of Coulombe - so easy to reproduce after Orbo. And the principle is so obvious when you know how..."

You don't have the date on your comments page, Hugh, but that's another lie you told a long time ago. Why do you tell lies like this, Hugh? What does it accomplish for you? Where's the benefit?

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"where's the benefit?"

Hugh invented actionless propulsion and antigravity and D'Aigle invented Flying Cities and Law how conduct this.

In D'Aigle's future whole cities will flying over your yard and violate your land owner¨s rights.
DÄigle resolved this all. Read his book Antigravity 3.0

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugh, You want selling production licenses for your N3 breaker / actionless propulsion / 1MW byproduct hardware:

a) as soon as possible (even during patent pending period) ?


b) in Steorn manner (after all your patent fillings will visible to public) and UAE investors will pay you for at least one year another artificial delay ?

I need analyse and calculate how much trillions of additional losses for humankind this will meaning.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"I've been busy with that N3 violator of Coulombe - so easy to reproduce after Orbo. And the principle is so obvious when you know how..."

Hugh, 2010.


1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, no and no. Hugh is not liar.
Hugh is honest man.

Only problem is with his Steornish style of conduct business.

He probably firstly will cause cca 1500 billion USD damage by hiding specs and potential, delay selling licenses transparently and non-discriminatory.

After that humanity will have "rocket submarines" [exact wording from his YouTube lesson] and propulsion for D'Aigle's flying whole cities.

This is horrible for CEOs and CTOs to understand what cost will Hugh's hardware. 300 USD for 3kW (electric) or 3000 USD or 30.000 USD ?

These folks are always catastrophe for real world economic, they live in glass labs, isolated from reality.

Shortly: costly horror

12:23 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...." -- Hugh Deasy, June 2010.

"N3 device just reproduced at another lab." -- Hugh Deasy, lying again.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Two years of lying, Hugh. Two years since your promises of heaters and mobile phone chargers. No apology, no contrition, no explanation. You have no shame.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, don't attack at Hugh !!

What number of folks live on here Planet ? 6,5 billions ? 7 billions ?

And what number of folks have functional N3 breaker / Antigravity hardware ? Heh.

Hugh is one of brightest brain on here Planet.

Only one little tacticL problem:
Hugh probably choosed Steornish way of conduct business.

He will probably refuse to sell licenses to 1000 biggest industrial companies in world for another 5 years of artificial suppression.

Every one year of these delays cost this Planet cca 3500 billions dollars, so every one day of these childish hiding games cost cca 10 billions dollars plus some billion tons of dirty polluted here Planet.

For real scientist from glass tower lab it is no real problem. Priority are "rocket submarines" and some little demos in sci circles.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

Still no news on the N3 violator or the Orbo thing or the eCat thing or anything there, Hugh, no? Nothing? Funny, that. Almost as if you're a stupid liar.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is secret agreement between satanist beasties, out-of-court murderers and some inventors.

They will collective silent for reason maximalize their gain.

They must sell all these XX trillions dollars worth of soon worthless stocks of coal, oil and uranium companies and some XXX millions of barrels of stocked oil BEFORE all common folks will know all about this conspiracy, Orbo, Hugh's hardware, LENR etc.

They extreme carefully and slowly crashing down all these "assets".

Look at market prices of Brent actions !!

These knowledge is only for satanist, not for common folks.

11:39 PM  

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