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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Syncronicity etc.

Very early this morning, I was reading 'Synchonicity' by Alan Combs and Mark Holland. I had just took it up again after a pause of a few weeks and read the case of the rich Persian miser who refused to change his dirty old slippers and then took the wrong ones at the baths with dire consequences via the trickster of synchonicity (Hermes or Loki).
Then later this morning, reading the Sunday paper, on an inside page was an article with banner heading about the shoe thrower of Baghdad - he who had hurled a shoe at Bush and was imprisoned for a few months and then feted as a hero. Synchronous, and low probability as that shoe thrower, as the article pointed out, had quickly faded from the news and so had not been heard of in 2 years.

As far as Steorn goes - the solid state Orbo is becoming really easy to reproduce. May do so myself in a few weeks. Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your point is that there was some odd synchronicity between your reading both of these items in a short time frame, you are fooling yourself. How many things did you read or see that were not matched by a similar event? What counts as similar? How often does this happen? It is an illusion brought about by the fact that you only note the occasions when you see a "similarity" and you redifine what counts as similar and what counts as the hits being close to each other each time it happens. The odds suddenly seem not so daunting. Ignoring this can lead to all kinds of cognative error and magical thinking.
This is a very simple illusion that is addressed early when one does a proper study of critical thinking.

11:20 AM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

Typical - nothing but negative comments. Of course, it's not about any old coincidence but meaningful ones, nested in meaning - a thought too deep for your simple soul, I fear. The fact that I was reading a book on synchronicity gives it added meaning. Even better one round that book: A jester on the cover - a friend visted from Madrid as I was reading it and I told him of it, he pulled out 2 totally different looking jokers cars. He and a colleague had found 4 utterly differnt ones in different parts of hte city. Then an old painting of mine had a revival at a 10th anniversary where peoiple danced in asimilar way to the figures on the painting - which also had a jester on it - that was painted 15 years before I read the book. Etc.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. What I don't understand is how someone with that sort of belief system can even pretend to do science. If mystical forces are at work, what good is experimentation? You live in a world where data is meaningless, since it could be the result of magic synchronicity or some other miracle.
If you study logic, you will soon realize the fallacies involved in your assumptions. Just consider the millions of things you see and hear every day. If coincidence did not occasionally group them for you to notice and repeat years later (since examples as good don't come around so often) THAT would be the evidence of magical interference. You should be able to grasp the math of it.

And my inability to be convinced the universe is magical based on such anecdotes makes me "negative" it does not change the fact that I am correct. Your insistence on being "positive" about such things is an indication that your position depends on bias.

10:57 AM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

On the contrary - I believe not in the mystical but mathematical side of synchronicity: I like to estimate the probabilities of such 'coincidences'. I found P < 0.00001 for several such. Just ask: how often is a card found on the street. Prob(card found) x prob(joker) x Prob(colleagues simultaneously finding cards)

Etc. That's also why the magnet sims are full of physics - get real.

4:45 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"the solid state Orbo is becoming really easy to reproduce. May do so myself in a few weeks. Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...."

That was several months ago, so how's it working out for you? Are you now using a Steorn device as a source of energy for a heater or to charge your phone?

No. No you are not.

3:39 PM  
Blogger blogtrotter said...

Oh boy are you in for a surpise! ROFL - I just discovered something else that will show how small-minded your snide commentary really is! Lol!

12:16 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Yeah, the whole world would be in for a MASSIVE surprise if you actually did what you said you'd do. But there's zero danger of that happening. You said it's "sooo easy" to make a magic Orbo heater, and, yet, you're going to be paying the utility bills again this winter. No magic heater for you. No magic phone charger for you. Nothing. You haven't made any progress since you made this post. You haven't done anything that gets you any closer to your magic heater-and-phone-charger Orbo set. You haven't done anything at all.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

"the solid state Orbo is becoming really easy to reproduce. May do so myself in a few weeks. Heater this winter, mobile charger next year. No problem. Soooo easy...."

Do you have a working Orbo-powered heater? Do you have a working Orbo-powered phone charger?

No. No, you do not.

Do you have more bluster and whining about how "small-minded" I am?

Yes! Yes, you do.

It's funny that you're blustering and crying instead of answering your critics. Instead of telling me I'm "small-minded", you could just use the Orbo technology to perform a task which you said was Soooo easy. But, no, you won't do that. You'll whinge about how awful I am instead.

So, right now, I'm not surprised, no. Trust me, I will be more surprised than I ever have been in my life the minute you come up with the devices you said were "Soooo easy" to make.

Until then, I'm not surprised at all. You are doing EXACTLY what I thought you would do. Blustering, crying, and failing to produce results. And you will continue to do exactly that forever.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Sorry, Hugh, you were saying about the Orbo-powered heater you were making? Didn't mean to interrupt. How's your Orbo-powered heater? Going as expected?

11:15 AM  

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