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I'm a sort of creative person, seeking the meaning of life . Hard to capture the essence of the mind/brain/soul - but I delight in arguing with ultra-materialists on consciousness. Ah! the smell of a rose and its redness, the smell of a fine wine, a sunset, - great stuff, and all subjective. Oh yeah and actually am Scorpio by 4 hours according to expert astrologer friend - blogger auto-star-sign system missed the fact that I'm on the cusp. Though I agree with Casius when he said "the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings".

Friday, January 26, 2007

Well, Mark & Gerard were wondering if I blogged about STEORN at all. Of course I do. Latest - we are waiting for the updated NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to be posted out. Then we'll sign and all 200 of us will be in that private club with access to info on how the gizmo works. At that point comments on the process will dry up, at least as regard anything confidential.


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