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Monday, December 14, 2009

Voynich documentary great

Universum - doc on Voynich manuscript
I watched it (1.5 times so far :-) ) and found it great. Rene is a true superstar in it and it's an honour to know such a famous guy. The result of the dating is a great surprise al-right. It seems it was indeed around 1420 or just before Leonardo was born - otherwise he'd be the prime suspect. It's consistent too as that time was just at the end of the middle ages and at the beginning of the renaissance. Wouldn't have been by Leo's dad? Nah... But it's funny it throws all the speculation round John Dee and Edward Kelly and also Voynich himself into the background. Though... I suppose it occurred to some too that the vellum could be from 1420 but the writing from later? Though maybe that's very unlikely.
Somehow it fits though - the RENEissance (:-) ) was a time of eccentric genius - the Zeitgeist was there of a new beginning after the 'dark' middle ages, with the genius of the Greeks coming to fruition again. Would it also help narrow down the cyphers used at that time in that region? E.g. speak of Leonardo, I suppose various things like reflection etc. were tried already.


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