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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I went to the demo in Dublin end Jan - did you spot me at the back in the audience? It was a good demo and I don't see why the media is not convinced - though Sean admitted it was more for engineers really.

In Feb more than 20 groups from all over the world came to test the test rigs of the demos.
The results were positive and begin March will be summarised at a press conference or similar and they hope for publicity from that. None too soon, as Obama wants to build reactors etc. In the forum we've gone over to solid state and I think I have the best idea for that. It is fairly easy to test if you have the right materials, I'm hoping to get confirmation of this soon from those with the wherewithal.

That makes 3 ways to free energy - the KE gains of the PM rig, the KE & electric gains of the e-Orbo and now pure electric gains in solid state.
So busy behind the scenes at Steorn. We were also busy at ESOC preparing for Cryosat-2 launch this week but now there's a delay to mid March. Probably will be another St. Pat's day sat, as Goce last year. I've done a few dotting of i's and crossing of t's in the pop-science book. May just splash it out on Lulu rather than look for a serious publisher as haven't time for that, between Steorn, job & family


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