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Thursday, May 27, 2010

solid state orbo revving up

Technology might indeed be more common than a greco-european origin might lead one to believe. The Mayans and Aztecs had a sort of tech, and might, in time, have gone further with it. Chinese invention of paper, gun-powder etc. implies they might have also eventually got onto the scientific method that is the turbo-route to technology.
It's a fascinating subject. Again there's the 100s of millions of years of bipedal dinosaurs, some with hands like T-rex or the raptors etc. They could have developed tech if their brains had developed a bit nore. We were lucky in having the mamalian topping on top of the reptilian brain as well as bipedalism with hands.
That combo may take aeons to achieve on any planet, if it ever happens.

I'm thinking of converting my book to one that links to the Steorn thing - the title I'm thinking of is 'Free energy and Free Will'. I just need to adapt the current book a bit with a longer discussion on how breaking of COE has implications for mind-drain dualism etc.

The Steorn thing is a bit quiet, though we are beginning to reproduce the solid state orbo (ss-orbo) - that is really very, very easy compared to the old rotating versions.