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Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 MW test of Rossi's E-cat apparently successful

1-MW system sold to customer

"On October 28, 2011, Andrea Rossi demonstrated his 1 megawatt E-Cat system to his first customer, who had engineers/scientists on hand to test/validate its performance. Due to a glitch, it provided 470 kW of continuous power for 5.5 hours during the self-sustained mode.

Here I am with Andrea Ross after the test of the 1 MW E-Cat plant in the background."

Well, I'm glad about this. Seems he may indeed have sold it to the customer on the strength of the demo. A rival to Steorn it may be, but the more varieties of free energy the better. One in the teeth to the polluters and those with polluted minds who have been commenting here and elsewhere with their moronic insults.