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I'm a sort of creative person, seeking the meaning of life . Hard to capture the essence of the mind/brain/soul - but I delight in arguing with ultra-materialists on consciousness. Ah! the smell of a rose and its redness, the smell of a fine wine, a sunset, - great stuff, and all subjective. Oh yeah and actually am Scorpio by 4 hours according to expert astrologer friend - blogger auto-star-sign system missed the fact that I'm on the cusp. Though I agree with Casius when he said "the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings".

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back from holidays

It was great in good old Ireland of the saints and scholars. My brother was there, visiting from Argentina, and in his efficeint way was systematically visitng all round towers of note. Fascinating structures. Most a 1000 years old or more. And so many of them and castles too. I used to think only Cashel and Glendalaough and a few others existed - but no, there are many more. We had fun (some of us) climbing runined walls of churches to get a better view of towers or going up them themselves. Burren visted - moon landscape of limestone flagstones. Caves - saw one of the largest easily accessible stalectites in the Northern hemisphere. Speaking of which - turns out Tajmar's artificial gravity only works clockwise in Northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in Southern hemisphere. See discussion on pages 105 - 106 etc. on - the other excellent news there is that a New Zealand group reproduced the effect (hence the anti-clockwise in Southern hemisphere bit) and Tajmar referred to the Heim Theroy explanation of the effect in his paper to a relativity conference in Sidney. So Heim is going from strength to strength.

Steorn is not doing so well in the media - licking its wounds after the London demo failure. The next demo will be tested to work BEFORE informing the public and press. Groooannn - felt weak all day after getting up earlier than for a long time. Please someone send 1 million Euros. to me :-)


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