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I'm a sort of creative person, seeking the meaning of life . Hard to capture the essence of the mind/brain/soul - but I delight in arguing with ultra-materialists on consciousness. Ah! the smell of a rose and its redness, the smell of a fine wine, a sunset, - great stuff, and all subjective. Oh yeah and actually am Scorpio by 4 hours according to expert astrologer friend - blogger auto-star-sign system missed the fact that I'm on the cusp. Though I agree with Casius when he said "the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings".

Friday, March 25, 2005

Delta, Enigma & Heim

I’ve been too long trying to commune with correctness. So this morning I just decided to go with the flow and indulged in sheer unashamed surreal excesses of colour and self-consistent mad forms. My only concession to normalcy was seeking and ordering discarded coffee cups. Don’t worry though – that wasn’t a sign of Prufockism – hard to have your trousers rolled if they’re stiff denims. Was it fate that allowed me to find Enigma cassette just now on good Friday with fitting Gregorian chant? Howsoever, I have made good the tradition of a painting on Good Friday – and in the process of looking for some print paper discovered colour printout of ’99 exhibition – not bad and may feature in a future book. Who knows? Delta last night on 3-Sat not bad – nothing better at getting little girls to sleep and papa wide awake than a deep discussion on religion with Dürr expounding on the interconnectedness of all things and the non-existence of hard matter when the implications of quantum mechanics are allowed to sink in. Thought Dürr sounded familiar – then leafed through my Heim docs and sure enough it was he who was Heisenberg’s Max Planck successor when Burkhard Heim came around to explain his recently developed mass formula – after first been given the cold shoulder by d, the latter gradually got interested when it was made clear that the mass formula was a structure theory. There ensued an intense question and answer session of a few hours after which D convinced H to publish in the Max Planck journal. Must stick latter in Wikipedia – one in the eye for the fanatic Stringulists.


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