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Thursday, March 17, 2005

That book of mine

Some of the stories in Grannies and Time Machines may be a bit controversial - particularly where time travellers re-write history. I gave the story 'Pruning Time' to a few friends to read and criticise and was taken aback at the severity of their response - the Spanish guy thought I had it in for the Spanish and an English guy felt I was targeting his island - in fact I was rather democratic in the punishment meted out to wrongdoers of every nation. One fellow writer, Peter, had a more reasoned response:

Thanks for 'Pruning Time.' It's another great concept, on your usual epic scale, realised in an understated, ironical voice which prevents the piece from lurching into the offensively messianic. Character development is minimal, but a theme like this hardly leaves room for characters. I enjoyed the idea of cutting 'Mr M' up like an earthworm.... Congratulations on a very entertaining and thought-provoking piece. Your sense of humour (a strong characteristic) is more essential to this piece than to the others I've read, making it the most genial of the four, in spite of its iconoclastic substance.


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