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I'm a sort of creative person, seeking the meaning of life . Hard to capture the essence of the mind/brain/soul - but I delight in arguing with ultra-materialists on consciousness. Ah! the smell of a rose and its redness, the smell of a fine wine, a sunset, - great stuff, and all subjective. Oh yeah and actually am Scorpio by 4 hours according to expert astrologer friend - blogger auto-star-sign system missed the fact that I'm on the cusp. Though I agree with Casius when he said "the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings".

Monday, March 14, 2005

Mixed feelings on a Monday

Phew! Bit of a mixed feeling this Monday - doing a reasonable amount of work, and the book is chugging along - PABD said they were just checking on shipping rates for the first consignment of 'Grannies and Time Machines'. So soon should have the first hard copies of this delicious little tome. Then it can be thrown open to on-line ordering or local bookshop orders. Trying to remember meditative practice of stepping back from current actions, to be as it were an observer of oneself. Other ideas recently to put in next book: that annoying habit of neuro-ultra-materialists like Steven Pinker to boast arrogantly in their introductions that they will, in their review of neuroscience and evolutionary biology, explain why we choose our mate and why some people are disposed to believe in the paranormal. This is of course rich coming from a card carrying 'sceptic' of CSICOP, the psi-cops of the 21st century. He thus neglects to mention the converse: a deficient amount of tissue in the relevant brain regions may equally well be construed as a deficit in the ability to believe in the paranormal. Thus pseudo-sceptics of Pinker's ilk might be viewed as stunted mental cripples lacking in this important mental function. This is just another exmple of a hidden agenda being smuggled on-board in the form of defining arbitrarily what it means to be 'normal'. Must normal mean a straight-laced ultra-materialist, completely atheistic as in the simplistic popular view of a scisntist? Is the freedom to choose one or other philosophical stance to be denied us by the new arbitrers of othodoxy, the modern puritans such as Pinker, Dennet, Dawkins, Damasio & co.? Which sci-fi writer was it who wrote of 'creeping conformism'? How right she/he was. Hey - speaking of which, there's a good Irish name for political correctness - Sheehy - it sounds like she-he.


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